See the legendary


in Leipzig!


Shhhh... it's Burlesque!

We are working hard to find a solution when we can present you the show date! Stay tuned!

What can you expect? 

...a show that offers you great entertainment with great international Burlesque performers.
Be prepared for an evening full of glamour and glitter, unforgettable performances and lots of fun! 


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HoB Team

Sissy von Schmooze and Sven Petersen create and produce the shows around "Home of Burlesque Leipzig" together.

With Sven's experience as the first German Burlesque Organizer and Sissy's passion for dance, the two of them introduce as a creative and super motivated team with a future series of shows that you should be prepared for. 

Shhhh... Leipzig, it'll be Burlesque!